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About Us

I am a collector of memories, a follower of dreams and a keeper of time.

I love bread, cheese and wine. And my beautiful daughters always come first in my life. I am a water baby and being near a body of water always makes me feel better. The best skill I have learned (thus far) is how to hug.

I have a ton of energy, always on the go. Which you will witness during a photo session. I graduated from the University of Vermont with a Wildlife Biology degree. Ha. But, I had the most incredible years there. I met my crew of lifelong friends. I fell in love with Vermont and my husband, Scott.

Once, I confided in a friend that I view everything as a photograph. I am constantly composing images in my mind, always watching the light. He informed me that this was not a “normal” way to think. So, I headed to Hallmark Institute of Photography and graduated at the top of my class in the year 2000. Then back to Vermont where I opened AMVphotography Inc.

I love to work with children. They always make you smile. Their love and laughter comes through in my photography. Photography holds moments, memories of this precious life.   And I cherish the work that I do.   For I am your keeper of time.